Food Pump Range Offers Powerful Performance

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Food Pump Range Offers Powerful Performance

Date Added: 7th December 2010

Pump Engineering sells a range of food pump products from manufacturers including CSF and Flux, ensuring optimum performance for all needs.

All are ideal food industries where high levels of hygiene are required alongside reliability, efficiency and ease of use. Each one is ideally suited to operations in environments requiring consistency and accuracy while maintaining quality and safeguarding against environmental impacts.

CSF Piston pumps are air-operated, double-acting pumps ideal for use with creams, pastes and gels. They are well-suited to transferring products such as tomato puree, creams, cake mixes, sauces and syrups in food processing systems. The latch valve arrangement on the air motor prevents stalling and the quick-strip version is particularly useful in the food industry. The pump is capable of flows of up to 100 litres/minute at pressures of up to 150BAR, ensuring smooth and consistent operation.

For particularly viscous products that do not flow easily, CSF Twin Post Systems are a great option. They can pump mashed potato, peanut butter or yeast extracts without difficulty or blockages. This minimises product loss and the pneumatic arrangement also eases manual handling. Each piece is manufactured to suit specific application needs.

The CSF Centrifugal Pumps are the perfect piece of kits for transfer in dairy, soft drinks and brewing industries. They are highly efficient with low NPSH hygienic profiles that meet EHEDG and 3A standards. The pumps are ideal for environments where minimal downtime is required as they can be cleaned in place and feature a simple to maintain back pull-out design. Furthermore, the open impeller design means liquids with particles or small solids can be transferred without loss of activity, as can high temperature liquids with a tendency to crystallise.

The final product in the CSF food pumps range is the Progressive-cavity Pump, made of industrial stainless steel and cast iron for applications demanding high levels of hygiene. These self-priming, reversible, positive-displacement pumps are well-suited to high viscosity and non-flowing products such as creams, pastes and jams that are in danger of causing blockages or slowing down transfer rates. The quick-strip, high swept volume, modular design allows for easy cleaning. As well as this, the hopper features a pre-feeding screw and vane crushers for high solids applications.

Flux F 424 Sealless drum pumps are also particularly suitable for food industry uses. The self-draining mechanism ensures products do not get mixed or contaminated between runs and further cleaning can be done easily. The stainless steel version is also tested and certified according to ATEX-Directive.