Flowrate Totalizer - The F110 From Flow-Mon

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Flowrate Totalizer - The F110 From Flow-Mon

Date Added: 14th March 2010

Flow-Mon's F110 flow rate totalizer is among the most popular of the company's line of flow rate measurement instruments. Featuring pulse and analog outputs, the F110 is a rugged and reliable totalizer which lends itself to an enormous variety of different liquid flow measurement applications, from the most generalized to the extremely demanding.

Flow rates are displayed in large, easy to read digits of .31" and .67" digits (8 or 17 mm) in size; the display can be configured to display both flow rate and total flows in a choice of different engineering units. Total flow is recorded as up to eleven digits, with the updated total being backed up once per minute in the integrated EEPROM memory of the F110 flow rate totalizer. Flow rate and total flow data can be read manually from the display or transmitted  to other instruments through the unit's RS232/RS485 Modbus link; even with the F110 TTL, the intrinsically safe version of this instrument.

Configuration is as easy and convenient as displaying and transmitting data, with all of the unit's configuration settings being readily available from an easy to use operator menu and stored in the unit's EEPROM memory. Each setting is assigned a unique alphanumerical description to make them easy for the operator to understand - and the configuration interface is similar across the entire Flow-Mon F series of flow rate totalizer instruments, so operators only need familiarize themselves with one of the series to be able to program any F-series unit. The operator menu can be password protected to ensure inadvertent or deliberate alteration of settings.

Pulse And Analog Input And Output

Pulse and analog input and output are supported, with a scalable pulse output in user-defined lengths from .008 seconds to 2 seconds at frequencies of up to 64 Hz. These output signals may be active PNP, passive NPN or an individual electro-mechanical relay.

Flow rates can be retransmitted as an analog (0)4 - 20mA or 0 - 10V DC output signal which is updated ten times every second. Analog output signals may be active, passive or isolated; when configured to use a passive output, this will simultaneously loop power the flow rate totalizer.

The Flow-Mon F110 is compatible with most input signals, whether analog or pulse - the signal type can be configured through the operator menu quickly and easily, without the need to adjust any mechanical switches.

Exceptionally easy to install, use and configure, the Flow-Mon F110 is also available in several different models and a choice of enclosures, including a standard ABS panel mount enclosure and a durable aluminum enclosure for field mounting, making this one of the best flow rate totalizer instruments for virtually any type of liquid flow monitoring.