Flowrate Indicator Expertise For Low Flow From Flow-Mon

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Flowrate Indicator Expertise For Low Flow From Flow-Mon

Date Added: 14th March 2010

Flow-Mon is the industry leader in flow rate monitoring; and instruments like the Flow-Mon Limited low flow rate indicator are a prime example of why this is the brand which process engineers and manufacturers worldwide choose for flow monitoring applications of all kinds.

Designed specifically for the accurate measurement of very low flow rates, the Flow-Mon Limited is well suited for measuring the flow of liquids or gases ranging from as low as 50cc per minute up to a maximum of 5 liters per minute at operating pressures of up to 130 bar. The design of this flow switch and indicator allows it to be installed inline in any plane via the unit's female inlets and outlets.

This low flow rate indicator creates a sealed port to port connection with a piston through which a tapered needle has been passed. When liquids or gases flow through the line, the pressure displaces the piston, pushing it against a differential 4 PSI spring and moving it over the tapered part of the needle to allow flow. Different tapered needles may be used to allow for optimal flow of materials of different viscosities and to regulate maximum flow rates, which permits the Limited low flow rate indicator to be used for virtually any low flow liquid or gas application. The displacement of the piston rotates an attached shaft to a switch box with an adjustable cam which visually indicates the flow rate using a pointer.

The indicator may be calibrated or used with an electrical switch, giving process engineers, quality control personnel and compliance officers the ability to configure the indicator to meet the exact requirements of the application or manufacturing process at hand. Low flow rates present their own unique set of challenges; and as the leading experts in the field of flow monitoring, Flow-Mon is well aware of these hurdles - and with the Limited low flow rate indicator, they've created a flow switch and indicator which streamline production processes, enable safer operations and ensure a higher quality end product.