Flat Plate Heat Exchanger From Alfa laval

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Flat Plate Heat Exchanger From Alfa laval

Date Added: 6th August 2012

The AlfaRex TM20 from Alfa laval is a flat plate heat exchanger which is designed to operate in conditions which include temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius and pressures of as high as 40 bar. This durable, compact and flexible heat exchanger offers highly efficient heat transfer and very low maintenance operation in a space saving configuration.

The AlfaRex is ideal for applications where high temperatures and pressures or aggressive media (including NaOH and acids) are involved. Well suited for use in cyclical temperature environments and for heat recovery, the AlfaRex is a highly efficient flat plate heat exchanger which weighs only about a sixth as much as a shell and tube exchanger with similar capabilities - and it takes up a mere sixth of the floor space of one of these models as well.

A durable steel construction with high temperature paint and completely free of gaskets, the AlfaRex TM20 is a perfect solution for solvent recovery, refrigeration, batch reactors and gas rehydration. The unit is built to stand up to some of the most difficult operating environments through an automatically controlled welding process which ensures the highest possible quality with small heat affected zones; Alfa Laval AlfaRex TM20 flat plate heat exchangers also go through a helium leakage test to ensure reliable performance.

The TM20 also features a plate configuration which offers high turbulence and thus highly efficient thermal transfer in a remarkably small package. Additionally, the attention paid to efficiency in the design of this advanced heat exchanger mean highly cost efficient operation as well as high resistance to differential pressures and the use of materials which are resistant to corrosion, making this one of the toughest and most efficient welded heat exchangers on the market.