Drum Emptying Pumps From Pump Engineering

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Drum Emptying Pumps From Pump Engineering

Date Added: 8th April 2011

Pump Engineering Ltd (PE) have a wide range of pumps to suit a wide range of applications in the process industry and for most other industrial or commercial uses. One of the most widely used is the drum or barrel pump and PE's Flux Drum and Barrel Emptying range is the most comprehensive.

Whether you want an efficient pump to empty a 44 imp gallon (55 gal US) standard oil drum or to empty a plastic container full of high viscosity oil or even some toxic or chemically aggressive fluid, there is a Drum emptying pump from the PE range to suit you.

For potentially explosive fumes (such as in ATEX areas) from the medium to be pumped, there is a compressed air motor driven pump.

Flux Drum/Barrel Emptying - Low Viscosity

There are over a 100 models to suit every requirement featuring:


Applications include handling materials including:


Flux Drum/Barrel Emptying - High Viscosity

There is a range of single phase electrically powered models that include: