Carbon Dioxide Detectors From Crowcon

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Carbon Dioxide Detectors From Crowcon

Date Added: 6th March 2010

Carbon dioxide can be a serious health hazard in certain work environments; and as they've done with other potential gas hazards, Crowcon's Cellarsafe carbon dioxide detectors maintain safety by accurately and reliably measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide even in very low quantities. A concentration of as little as .5% over a long period of time can present a risk of toxicity, so an incredibly sensitive instrument is called for - which is why breweries, vintners and wine cellars choose Crowcon gas detection equipment to ensure that their personnel can perform their jobs safely.

Specifically created to alert personnel working in environments where carbon dioxide can pose a risk of toxicity or death, Crowcon CellarSafe carbon dioxide detectors are easy to install and use and require nearly no maintenance. A backlit, bright and easy to read display and loud alarms which are impossible to mistake for other sounds ensure that personnel will be immediately aware of a CO2 hazard. The unit is housed in a durable, secure polycarbonate casing which resists dust and moisture and operates reliably in a wide range of temperatures.

The Cellarsafe provides continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide, with a battery backup acting to keep the unit operating even in the event of a power outage - and the unit can be configured to turn on ventilation fans automatically when needed, saving on power.

Crowcon's line of carbon dioxide detectors also includes the XGard IR, an infrared gas detector instrument which detects the presence of flammable gases as well as carbon dioxide. This explosion-proof detector is ideal for use in laboratories, waste disposal facilities and refrigeration plants as well as in breweries, wineries, cellars and other locations where ventilation may be an issue and the accurate detection of carbon dioxide and potentially flammable or explosive gases is both mission critical and vital to the safety of personnel.

Carbon dioxide may not be thought of as a gas hazard by the general public, but to people who work in some industries, reliable carbon dioxide detectors can literally be a matter of life or death. As in any environment where hazardous gases may be present, Crowcon is a name synonymous with safety.