Air Heat Exchanger From Alfa Laval Gives Optimal Performance

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Air Heat Exchanger From Alfa Laval Gives Optimal Performance

Date Added: 6th August 2012

Alfa Laval produces a wide range of air heat exchangers, all designed to provide optimal performance for the exchange of heat between a liquid coolant and the air in the surrounding area.

These heat exchangers are powered by a finned coil, which consists of a series of tube serpentines and fins designed to maximize the unit's heat exchanging surface area. Through different coil materials and geometries as well as different types of fan and casings, these systems include models suitable for heat exchange applications across many different industries.

Alfa Laval's exchangers use liquid refrigerants including ammonia, CO2, H(C)FC or chilled brine. The advantage of using a brine is that the coolant can be fed to the unit from a chiller which is not necessarily located close to the cooler rather than refrigerants, which need to be supplied by a condenser situated close to the exchanger itself.

One of the many models in Alfa Laval's range of air heat exchanger units is the AlfaBlast. This blast freezer is designed for quick-freezing systems using a fan to supply horizontal air flow and is an ideal solution for applications which require quick, efficient freezing in a small space. This model is especially well suited for production processes in the food and beverage industries as well as anywhere else that rapid preservation of foods or other materials is necessary to ensure the quality of the finished product.

The AlfaBlast is made to use ammonia, R404A or R507A as refrigerants. This efficient air heat exchanger features a lower refrigerant charge than many other similar systems available, meaning a lower cost of ownership as well as a smaller environmental impact for users. Adding further to its low cost of operation is the AlfaBlast's low energy consumption as well as easy installation and maintenance.

Featuring a galvanized steel casing and durable aluminum drip tray as well as a static defrosting system, the AlfaBlast is designed to provide reliable performance and an exceptional product life. High static pressure fans, stainless steel or aluminum casings, water, hot gas and electric deftosting systems as well as epoxy, cataphoresis and painted coil protection are also available as options with the AlfaBlast air heat exchanger as are pre-coated fins.