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Alfa Laval acquires prime wastewater treatment company

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Edited by: Philip Norris
Last Updated: 8th August 2012

Swedish manufacturer Alfa Laval has acquired Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, a leading wastewater treatment company that provides liquid/solid separation technologies to industrial and municipal clients worldwide.

Based in Texas but with offices in the UK and South America, Ashbrook Simon-Hartley’s range of dewatering, fluid control and process systems will be a perfect complement to Alfa Laval’s existing suite of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies.

Both companies enjoy an international reputation as industry leaders in their respective fields, and each has a long and distinguished history — Alfa Laval was founded almost 130 years ago, while Ashbrook Simon-Hartley’s roots stretch back to the beginning of the twentieth century. 

Alfa Laval intends to fully integrate Ashbrook Simon-Hartley’s operations into its existing business, expanding its total product portfolio to offer an even wider range of water treatment solutions to its broad client base worldwide.