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Level Measurement Devices Show True Class

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Edited by: Terry Newman
Last Updated: 29th November 2011

For businesses operating in the chemical, oil and gas industries, reliable level measurement devices form a vital part of many key systems.  It's often an important requirement to accurately measure multilayer liquids, whether that's oil and water separation, or a more complex combination of liquid chemicals.  A variety of dependable level measurement devices are available from Endress+Hauser, offering tailored solutions to meet differing process requirements.

Whether your need is for measurement of basic interface layers, or complex interfaces such as those found in crude oil extraction, Endress+Hauser provide interface level measurement solutions to meet your needs, and their product range is designed to help you select the right tool for the job at hand.

The Liquicap FMI51/52 level measurement devices offer a compact and robust solution suitable for most basic interface measurement needs.  These products are suitable for applications with clear or emulsive liquid-to-liquid interface levels, and offer a wide range of operating parameters - from vacuum up to 100 bar, and at process temperatures ranging from -80°C up to 200°C.

Endress+Hauser's Levelflex FMP51/52/54 range provides excellent and efficient performance for a reasonable price, offering standard interface and overall level measurement devices ideal for the chemical, oil and gas industries.  With an emphasis on robust performance in even the most demanding conditions, these products are designed to cope with abrasive and corrosive materials, while the Levelflex FMP54 boasts a particularly impressive operating range, from vacuum to 400 bar, and temperatures from -196°C to +450°C.

The Levelflex FMP55 is designed to cope easily with multi-parameter level measurement, utilising guided wave radar (enhanced by innovative SensorFusion technology) to provide reliable, continuous interface level and overall level measurement even in interfaces with emulsion layers, with moving surfaces and foam, or in other changing media.

For complex interfaces in extreme or hazardous process conditions, the Gammapilot M FMG60 offers a compact, robust and reliable product that is in many ways the epitome of Endress+Hauser's level measurement devices.  Its non-contact operation means the FMG60 is perfect for high pressure or high temperature processes, or where the process environment presents extremes of corrosiveness, toxicity or abrasion - for example in acid tanks, reactors, separators or autoclaves.

Regardless of how straightforward or extreme your level measurement requirements may be, Endress+Hauser are sure to offer level measurement devices to meet your unique process needs.