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Temperature Transmitter Designed To Improve Process Safety

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Edited by: Terry Newman
Last Updated: 27th June 2011

Since the introduction of Endress+Hauser’s iTemp range of intelligent temperature transmitters in 2000, more than one million have been sold to a wide range of industry customers across the World.  

E+H are marking this success with the launch of a new generation of iTemp transmitters and associated components.  When used with E+H’s intelligent TID10 Display Unit and units from their display head range, the iTemp TMT82 temperature transmitter provides maximum data availability and simplicity of installation at minimum cost 

Improved Process Safety

The new features of the iTemp TMT82 temperature transmitter are designed to improve process safety as a temperature monitor by the introduction of a second sensor input which can be used as a hot sensor back-up for critical applications wherein as a sensor develops a fault, the second sensor can take over the duty to give a continuous output. The Measurement of differential or mean temperatures plus drift detection between two sensors can also be performed

The HART standard field bus signal now allows greatly improved diagnostic functionality over standard 4-20mA devices.  Sensor open or short-circuit alerts and sensor corrosion warnings can now be accommodated using the intelligent iTemp TMT82 by not only sending a code signal automatically to the control system as an alarm but also indicating a possible cause and suggesting remedies to overcome the alarm condition.

Intelligent Display

Though it’s plug-on TID10 Display unit, E+H have incorporated a continuous measurement and a diagnostics display capability to the iTemp TMT82 temperature transmitter. On start-up, this display unit goes through a sequence where it identifies each sensor measuring point connected, type of device, type of connection and measurement range.  

Alarm conditions are shown as an error message on the TID10 screen that gives location and an indication of the fault and thus it is a valuable aid for maintenance and diagnostics.

Headline Technical Details

Suitable for use in hazardous areas for intrinsically safe installation in Zone 1 and Zone 2 to International approval standards to FM IS, NI, CSA IS, ATEX, NEPSI, IECEx Ex ia, Ex nA.

Outline Specification:

The Temperature head transmitter has 2 input channels and HART® communication for the conversion of different input signals into a scalable, analog 4...20 mA output signal. The device can be used for the highest level of safety, availability and risk reduction and can also be used with resistance thermometer (RTD), thermocouple (TC), resistance transmitter (Ω), voltage transmitter (mV). For mounting in terminal heads in accordance with DIN 43729 form B


iTEMP TMT 82 is suitable for all critical applications needing signal reliability, long-term stability, high precision and advanced diagnostics.  

The dual channel functionality suits applications where the highest level of safety, availability and low risk are essential.