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Radar Level Measurement Is Easy With Levelflex

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Edited by: Terry Newman
Last Updated: 8th April 2011

Endress+Hauser bring Swiss precision and innovation to all their flow measurement equipment and now they introduce entry level models for their Levelflex range of radar level measurement devices for both liquids and solids. 

Wherever you need to monitor or control levels in silos, sumps or other vessels in complete safety and with accuracy either as part of a process or standalone, the Levelflex FMP50 is the economical solution. 

The new Levelflex FMP50 and FMP56, in common with all the Levelflex range has an integral data memory and process field integration controls for both Profibus PA digital and Hart 4-20mA analogue process field buses. This gives seamless incorporation into existing process systems. The Levelflex range is certified for use by CSA, FM, Ex, and ATEX.

Endress+Hauser have recognised that there is a need for a low-cost model for radar measurement and their new entry-level FMP50 (for liquids) and FMP56 (for solids) fits the bill. This has been achieved through simplification of the process connections and redesigning the housing.  This makes these devices ideal for supply and storage applications for water and power utilities with their very high reliability and availability.

Reliable solids level measurement has always been difficult for coal dust, grain and even garbage.  Endress+Hauser’s ingenious design for their Levelflex FMP56 overcomes this difficulty by allowing accurate measurement in dusty environments and within difficult applications such as high and thin silos and silos or bunkers with obstacles within them.

Other benefits of selecting FMP50 and FMP56 Levelflex radar level measuring meter include integrated data memory, user-friendly menu-driven software in a wide range of national languages, factory pre-calibrated calibrated and diagnostics for easy set up.