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Processingface Main Help

General Introduction


What is the b2b networking service all about?  

The b2b network is here to enable buyers to select product and events matches when they land on relevant pages.

So, if they land on a product profile page and see a 'star' icon on the right of the page, they can register/sign in and add this product and supplier to their list of favourites (or stars) They can also go onto the main events page and do the same thing.

They can then sign in and go to their management suite where they'll see their product and event matches. They can then contact the suppliers who sell the products and/or contact those who are attending the events they also picked out.

What is the sales lead service for? 

It is a simple link on product profile pages which goes to a form. If a buyer lands on a product page and sees a 'ask the supplier' icon on the right of the page they can select it and fill out a form with just 3 mandatory fields. If they register, they can do this again and again for different suppliers without the need to add information to the forms. Alternatively, they can add them as 'stars' (or favourites) and contact suppliers from their management suite area at their leisure.


Why suppliers need to register their interest 

Suppliers need to register their interest in using the Processingface service before we can get to work on their pages. They just have to fill out a form on the 'add profile' page from the suppliers main drop down menu and then we can contact them to discuss their requirements.

Why Buyers Need To Register 

If buyers register (and it takes just 15 seconds) they will have very quick access to their own management suite area which acts as a central communication section. Also, if they land on a product profile page of interest. they can contact multiple suppliers without the need to fill out forms each time.

Supplier Packages

How/why we add your a unique profile for suppliers 

There is a lot of duplicated content on the web and this is not in the best interest of the potential buyer. It is also a fact that search engines are coming down hard on websites that use the same content than on other sites.

Therefore, we rewrite all of the product pieces, articles and company profiles on this website so it gives buyers a unique platform which is clean, simple and easy to understand. There is also NO advertising here so NO distractions.

How/why we write 4 product profile pages for you 

You tell us which 4 products you'd like to promote and we write unique content about them. We use the content from your website as well as that in PDF files or other documentation.

We don't want you to do any work here! Just take a look at the end result to make sure we are following corporate policy and then we're away.

We can then build your pages and add all of the functionality that makes Processingface so unique to this industry.

Why do we add images to your product profile pages 

Well a picture paints a thousand words, or at least makes the page more visually appealing to the potential buyer. It also adds structure to the page as well as a central focus point and this is important in itself. You get an image with each of your 4 product profile pages.

Why do we add PDF files to your product profile pages 

This is not compulsory but we recommend that you allow us to do this.

Processingface is a 'shop window' for your products and people want to see information quickly. We give them a platform which is easy to access, control and provides a simple route to YOUR website if they choose to do so. This is why it is simple, clean and contains no advertising.

Just send us a PDF file of under 2MB (or tell us where to get it) and we'll upload it to the appropriate page for you.

How/why we add videos to your pages 

People love video -  bit in a b2b environment we feel that a video of around 1:30 in length is just about right. That's why we product simple image videos for you as part of the deal. Alternatively, if you do have your own video then we can upload this instead.

If you choose our method, we take a few high resolution images of your products and turn them into videos. Here is a good example >

How many web links can we add to your pages? 

We feel that 1 outgoing web link is enough. However this is in a very prominent part of your product profile page and goes directly to the landing page for that particular product! - no general home page links here if you don't want them.

What is the Management suite area? 

The management suite is your central administration area and it provides an additional means of communication for buyers. They can add 'stars' or favourite products and events as they go through the site and then contact suppliers from their management suite area. 

Of course, they can also contact suppliers directly from the main pages if they wish, but this provides another option for them. Registering does have its benefits.

b2b networking for suppliers - reach buyers! 

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities - and yet it is SO simple. Take a look at the b2b networking page for more information.

Fees for suppliers on Processingface 

For just £1200 per year suppliers get:

  • 4 main product profiles
  • A landing page link for each one
  • A video for each one
  • A PDF link for each one
  • A 'ask the supplier' link for each one
  • An image on each page
  • 12 product articles per year

We also rewrite all of the main content on this website so it is unique to the search engines and to visitors. All in all it is a highly optimised service.

If suppliers want additional product profile pages, these are charged at £300 each.

So What else do suppliers get with an enhanced service on Processingface? 

We build external websites which link back into Processingface. This means that we register processing related sites in niche areas which match your product keywords. We then add links to these sites which link back into processingface. This builds credibility with the search engines and generates traffic to your pages.

This also helps as a link popularity SEO strategy and it is part of the service. We also write articles and blogs which also link back to your pages. We generate traffic by providing great quality content externally as well as internally. This helps you right now but will also make a HUGE difference in the future.


So what does Processingface need from you? 

All we need from suppliers is an idea of the products you'd like to promote. We can then research the best keywords which are getting traffic from the organic searches and then we get to work on building your pages.

Finally, we can add images, links and videos and then create external sites to link back to your pages.

Just contact us and find out more.

So what if we don't keep the enhanced service after your 3 month trial? 

That's fine and of course this is your choice. We can either keep up the pages to give you some visibility, or we can take them down for you. We feel that £1200 per year is a very good price for this type of service though and we intend to prove to you in your trial period!

Buyer Functions

Please explain the Management suite again 

This is the area where you can view your product and events matches. When you go to a product profile page, or the events page you can add that product or event as a 'star.' When you do this it is automatically added to your own management suite area and from there you can contact any of your favourite suppliers when YOU choose to do so.


What Is The General functionality for buyers 

Well buyers can view product pages, events and any page on this site without registering - they can even contact suppliers directly and not register if they choose to do so. However, they can register and build product and events matches from pages they visit and these are saved as favourites (or stars) in their own management suite are. Buyers can then contact suppliers whenever they wish and they are in control. This is not a two way system - buyers MUST remain in control and take the lead here.

We give give buyers a simple platform and a visually appealing site to find products. It is then up to them to contact you or to click on a link which gives them more information. We think we have covered everything without confusing anyone.