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Processingface FAQ


Could you please sum up Processingface in no more than 100 words. 

Processingface is a targeted marketplace for buyers and suppliers of processing products.

We add profile pages for suppliers and buyers can view these pages and the associated documents and files.

It is a simple system but it is completely unique in content.

We also add a simple b2b networking facility which allows buyers to create products and events matches and they can contact these suppliers via their own management suite.

When do buyers need to register? 

Buyers are free to view product profile pages from suppliers and all associated literature and video files at no charge. If they want to contact a supplier they may also do this without registering - but we do require them to fill out a few mandatory fields on a form. If buyers register they do see benefits in using the product and events match system. All registered buyers can select matches very quickly when signed in so it makes sense to register and it takes just 15 seconds.

When do suppliers need to register? 

Suppliers don't need to register. All they need to do is register their interest in our service via the contact page and we can then get to work.

What is the B2B networking facility all about? 

It is a simple system where buyers can make product and event matches when they visit the appropriate pages on Processingface. This allows them to add products and events which interest them. They can then sign in and go to their own management suite. They can then see their matches and contact suppliers at any time.

Can Suppliers contact registered buyers directly? 

No, suppliers will not be able to contact buyers as this will turn into a 'free for all' system which will promote spamming. We want to give buyers the lead on this and this means giving them a simple management suite where they can contact suppliers when they want to do so.

Is there a charge for Buyers to use the service? 

No, we don't charge buyer anything to use any of our services.

Is there a charge for suppliers to use the service? 

We charge £1800 per year for the service which includes 4 main product profile pages and one page per month throughout the package term. It also includes the external microsite. Prices include video files (which we produce if you don't have your own) plus all ongoing SEO work throughout the year.

Why do you charge suppliers? 

Well, we do a lot of work and research in building high quality pages for our clients. We also create external websites which link back to processingface, as well writing articles and submitting to blogs and other outlets. It is a service that requires us to stay on top of things. We are in this for the long-term and this means our attention to detail has to be absolutely right. We know there is a lot of duplicated content on the web and this is only good for short-term gains.

So what exactly do suppliers get for this annual fee? 

Each supplier gets the 4 main profile pages to start and these include a product image, PDF file link, video, ask the supplier link, landing page link and other networking functionality. This includes a 'star match' system where buyers can create product and event matches.

Suppliers also get 1 product article or profile, press release or application piece per month, which we also rewrite - this is in addition to the profile pages. This means that you can put processingface on your PR distribution list and we'll build the content up for you each month. This means that suppliers get more and more content each year which is unique in content and will be indexed quickly and efficiently by the search engines.

We also build an external micro site for you which is designed to generate visibility and additional sales leads. It also has a lot of great content in a blog format and this builds in credibility and quality score. These sites have their own editors and you do not have to add any content to them - we do all the work. 

What do suppliers have to send processingface? 

Not a lot. We want to take the hard work out of this for suppliers. Suppliers should guide us in terms of which products to cover first. We write 4 product profile pages and take this information from your existing content on your website or from PDF documents. We then rewrite this information so all pages contain unique content - the search engines love this!

All we need from you are a few PDF files and some nice high resolution images so we can create simple image videos for you. We can then do some keyword research and get to work. We then add more pages over the duration of the 12 month package and these can include your news pages, press releases and applications notes or papers.

What is the sales lead service? 

It is a very simple system where we add a 'ask the supplier' icon to profile pages and then buyers can fill out a form and ask supplier's questions or request information. We do this automatically for suppliers and this gives the buyer an additional option. We also offer this services on pdf and application downloads.

When do suppliers receive sales leads? 

If A buyer clicks on the 'ask the supplier' links from the profile pages and then fills out the contact form, then the supplier will receive a few mandatory fields of contact information for that buyer. They can also download a pdf or view an application paper, but they must fill out a form before being able to view these files.

Can we advertise on the site? 

No, we want to keep the site advertising free. It is better for buyers and suppliers, as this means there are no distractions.

Do you have a newsletter? 

No, we don't have a newsletter, as we don't feel there is any more room for a product newsletter in this industry. We'd rather keep people informed via the site and also give them a simple interface in which to find products and services via profiles, applications and news pages.