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3M's CT MAG-MS series of pumps available from Pump Engineering provide the ...more

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What is Processingface?

What is Labface

Processingface is a marketplace where buyers can view profile pages from relevant suppliers of processing related products. It is designed to give buyers a simple to use 'search, view and request 'platform and give them very targeted content.

Suppliers have added a number of product pages which include videos, PDF files and a main description for each product. All buyers have to do is view a product profile page of their choice and then choose what to do next. Buyers can contact suppliers or click on a series of live links which take them to more information about that specific product.

Buyers can also add a product or event to their favourites list (or star list) and then view their selections at their leisure within a management suite area. They can then view their matches and contact suppliers when required - all on one simple to use interface!

Why not take look at other sections of the site via the FAQ and Help pages. Alternatively, take a look at the 'why register' video here. If you register (it takes just 15 seconds) you can access your management suite area and start adding matches right now - this also saves time in future as all you need to do is sign in.

We hope you enjoy the Processingface experience.